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Ashiley Lee

Harvard University
Class of 2019

Jonah Glickman

George Washington U.

Class of 2017

Jennie Zheng


Class of 2015

Dr. Haut has a knack for quickly determining a student’s needs and focusing on just the key skills where a student may feel lost. She is compassionate, intelligent, extremely attentive, and good at what she does. Having worked with thousands of students in her teaching career, Dr. Haut thoroughly knows strategies for the college essay, which allowed me to showcase my voice to the admissions board. Dr. Haut not only brings professionalism to the table, but also a great amount of care for each of her students. With her, I found both a tutor and a lifelong mentor.

I was delighted in my freshman writing class when I discovered how prepared I was for college level writing.  Dr. Haut made sure that when I left her class I also left every bad writing habit behind.  She challenged me to develop a voice in my writing. . . .  She helped me get comfortable with reading my writing over closely to revise it.  Most importantly, she taught me the framework for constructing a road map to set up my argument and then prove it without a doubt. I cannot thank her enough for her time and effort with my writing.

I just graduated from MIT and will be starting a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. During my time at MIT, I found that the writing and communication skills I received from Dr. Haut were absolutely essential as an effective scientist. Under her instruction, I developed a strong foundation for analyzing the English language and constructing compelling arguments. In my field of study, communicating scientific findings with the rest of the world is as important as the scientific content itself. 

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