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Curriculum Vitae





1989   University of California, Los Angeles                                  Ph.D.  Folklore & Mythology

1976   University of California, Los Angeles                                  M.A.   Folklore & Mythology

1973   University of California, Berkeley                                       B.A.   English

Teaching Certificate

Clear Credential, California: English and Anthropology 




1999 - 2015     Teacher, North Hollywood High School, Highly Gifted Magnet

                        Los Angeles Unified School District


                            AP English Language and Composition

                            AP Psychology

                            English 9H (World Literature)

                            English 10H (British Literature)

                            Introduction to Anthropology


                        Extracurricular activities

                           Co-Coordinate the annual senior trip to Yosemite National Park - outdoor education

                           Sponsor Magnitude, a student-run creative writing magazine


1999                Substitute Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District


1998, 1999       Project Director and Curriculum Designer, "A Folk Arts and Education Program: Children as Resources,                                         Researchers and Presenters"  Welby Way Elementary  School, West Hills, and Fernangeles Elementary School,                         San Fernando, CA.


1997 - 1998     Staff Folklorist, Living Roots Conference, LAUSD Teacher-Track Coordinator     (Professional development K-12)

                        Folk and Traditional Arts, Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, CA


1997                Project Director, School Yard Traditions

                        Center for Childhood, and The Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles


1990 - 1995     Teaching  at UCLA:

                        1995 (Spring) and 1995 (Fall) Visiting Instructor (Family Folklore)

                        1994 (Spring) and 1993 (Spring) Visiting Instructor (Children's Folklore)

                        1992 (Fall) Visiting Assistant Professor (Field Studies/Field Research Expedition to the Sixth Festival of Pacific                              Arts, Rarotonga)

                        1992 (Spring) Visiting Assistant Professor (Introduction to Folklore)

                        1991 (Fall) Visiting Instructor (Children's Folklore)

                        1991 Conference Coordinator  (Hearing Their Stories: Narrating, Self and Cultural           Diversity in the Classroom)  LAUSD/UCLA Credit Course.                                                                                             

                        1990 (Fall)   Visiting Instructor (Children's Folklore)

                        1990 (Winter) Visiting Instructor (Introduction to Folklore)                                              


1994 - 1995     Project Coordinator, California Council for the Humanities, Los Angeles


1993-1994; 1996 Adjunct Professor/Faculty Advisor, The Union Institute.  Los Angeles

                        (Taught Research and Writing, Senior Thesis, Children's Literature)


1989-1991      Consultant/Presenter (Folklore and Education), Performing Tree. Los Angeles


1989                Principal Fieldworker and Cultural Specialist, Pacific Islander Festival

                        Folk Arts Program, Cultural Affairs Department,  Los Angeles


1977 - 1980     Instructor, English and Applied Linguistics Dept.,  University of Guam


1976 - 1980     Instructor, Bilingual/Bicultural Teacher Training Program, College of Education,

                        University of Guam


1975                Adult Basic Education Specialist, Marianas Islands District Education

                        Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands


1974 - 1975     Instructor, Business Writing and English Grammar

                        Personnel In-Service Training Program, University of California at Los Angeles




1998, 1999     Designed and taught new curriculum in second and fourth grade classrooms, Welby Way Elementary School                           and Fernangeles Elementary School: "A Folk Arts and Education Program: Children as Resources, Researchers                           and Presenters."  Funded by the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Community Folklife Program.


1978-1980     Working with colleagues at the University of Guam, created interdisciplinary approach for ESL requirements.                           Authored the Social Science textbook for the course. 




2004              Presented workshop for teachers of gifted and talented students; provided lesson plans and background                                    information for teaching writing and critical reading through comparing and contrasting  Arthur Miller's The                        Crucible and  Cotton Mather's Wonders of the Invisible World.  Los Angeles Unified School District, Office of                              Gifted and Talented Education.    


2004              Provided inservice for North Hollywood High School magnet faculty on the writing section of the new SAT                                  exam


1998              Coordinator of the LAUSD K-12 teachers track at the Living Roots '98 National Folk  and Traditional Arts                                       Conference; facilitated and moderated events, and evaluated teachers' for-credit assignments.  Sponsored by                           the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs, Folk and Traditional Arts Division.                   


1997              Designed and coordinated community and teachers' workshop, "Children's Folklore on the Schoolyard and in                           the Classroom" sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs and the Center for Childhood.  Presented                           research findings and curriculum.


1994              Moderator for keynote speakers and participants. (School for Peace --Shalom Wahat al Salam).   Presented                                 workshop,"Commonalities in Folklore: Family Folklore".  The First Annual Peace Conference.  Raoul Wallenberg                       Institute of Ethics. Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue.


  1993             Facilitator and Moderator for conference on children's folklore, "When Children Make It, When Children Tell It:                        Research Perspectives on the Folklore of Boys and Girls," sponsored by the UCLA Center for the Study of                                      Comparative Folklore and Mythology.


1991              "Family Folklore."  Workshop for the Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest, California. Scholar-expert for the                                        Smithsonian traveling exhibit on family folklore.


1991              As coordinator and opening speaker of the UCLA Folklore and Education Conference, "Hearing Their Stories:                               Narrating, Self, and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom," assisted in the compilation of a reader, creation of                             writing assignments, organization of a special book sale, as well as the overall program development and                        planning.  Conference provided credit for LAUSD teachers.


1989 - 1991   "Folk Arts and Education: An Overview." Workshop Presentations for public school teachers through Performing                        Tree, Los Angeles Unified School District, Idyllwild.





2014              Recipient of an EarthWatch Teaching Fellowship, opportunity to support field research about climate change,                           University of Lyon, France.


2012              Recipient of the J. E. Wallace Sterling Award for Academic Achievement, School of Humanities and Sciences,                             Stanford University.


2011              Named Influential Teacher, incoming freshman nomination, Massachusetts Institute of  Technology.


2011              Named Influential Teacher, incoming freshman nomination, Carleton College.


2010              Selected as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction by The National Society of High School Scholars.


2005              Recipient of National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship to attend Chaucer Seminar (Summer                                     Institute), University of Kent, in Canterbury, England.


2002, 2004     Recognized as an outstanding high school teacher. Program sponsored by various UC campuses.  (Freshman                             nominations from former students attending UC Riverside, UC San Diego)


2002              Named Inspirational Educator. North Hollywood High School.  Sponsored by Universal Studios.


1997              Successfully wrote grant to Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Community Folklife Program, administered by the                               Fund for Folk Culture and underwritten by the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund to support a folk arts program                       at Welby Way Elementary School, West Hills and at Fernangeles Elementary School, San Fernando, California.


1997              Recipient of a Building Cultural Bridges Award, City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, Traditional                          and Folk Arts Division




1996   Folklore About and Of Lawyers.  American Folklore: An Encyclopedia, ed. Jan    Brunvand.   New York and London:                   Garland Publishing. 


1994   How Can Acting Like a Fieldworker Enrich Pluralistic Education?  In Putting Folklore to Use: Essays on Applied                         Folkloristics, ed. Michael O. Jones, 45-61. Publication of the American Folklore Society.  Lexington: University of                       Kentucky Press.


1993   Pacific Islander Americans.  Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism, ed. Marshall Cavendish. Pasadena: New Salem                         Press.


1992   Children as Narrators: Literature, Media and Ethnography, ed. Judith E. Haut. Special issue of Children's Folklore                    Review. 15 (1).


1992   "I Know a Story About That":  One Young Child's Use and Understanding of Narrating. Children's Folklore Review. 15 (1):           33-46.


1992   Children's Music (a review).  Children's Folklore Review. 14 (2): 21-27.


1991   Folklore in the Classroom: 19th Century Roots, 20th Century  Perspectives. In Taking Stock: Current Problems and                     Future Prospects in American Folklore Studies, ed. Robert A. Georges. Special issue of Western Folklore 50 (1): 65-73.


1991   Expressions of Ambivalence and the Construct of Belief: "I Believe in Santa Claus But I Know He's Not Real."  Children's             Folklore  Review. 13 (2): 3-12.


1989   To Dance Hula, To Touch the Land. Pacific Islander Festival, ed. Willie Collins, 12-14. Los Angeles: Cultural Affairs                       Department.


1987   Moments of Play (a review of the film by Jörgen Leth).  Anthropos: The Barbara Myerhoff Film Festival, ed. Betsy A.                 McLane, 15. Los Angeles.


1980   The Social Sciences. People and Their Society (an  interdisciplinary humanities textbook), 1-177.  Mangilao, Guam:                   University of Guam.


1980   Index to the Pacific Archive of Folklore, University of Guam.




List available upon request.


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